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We believe your wedding is not just another event โ€“ itโ€™s an expression of you. We carry a unique selection of designers that would give the Effie Bride choices that suit her personality and individual taste. We have a wide variety of gowns, bridal party dresses, accessories and more!

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Confession: Psalm 18:1-47
Prayer points
0. Praise the Lord because the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church.
0. Thank the Lord for His promises that are yea and Amen.
0. thank the Lord for purchasing victory for us with His Blood.
0. The Lord should turn me into hot coals of untouchable fire.
0. I command every form of demonic family bondage to break in Jesus name.
0. I loose myself from the hold and influence of every ancestral in Jesus name.
0. I command every bad spiritual deposit in my life to be melted away by the fire of the holy Ghost.
0. I bind all the suckers of peace and happiness in my house in Jesus name.
0. I retrieve my blood or any other
material from my body from every evil altar.
0. I loose myself from every linkage to any family idol in Jesus name
0. I bind every spirit of infirmity in the name of Jesus
0. Let every tongue contrary to my peace be permanently silenced in the name of Jesus.
0. Let every altar of witchcraft, familiar spirits and false religion be broken in this country in Jesus name.
0. Let every evil imagination against me fail woefully in Jesus name.

May God be with you all...
Type amen to claim this..

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